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Watermelon Sisters

in collaboration with Ming Wong


In 2017, Yu Cheng-Ta and Singaporean artist Ming Wong created a performance duo Watermelon Sisters. In the performances, they take on their alter-egos, the Watermelon Sisters - gender-fluid butch/femme ghetto spiritual sistas who want to help humankind to ‘twerk’ their way to sexual freedom. 


The video "Watermelon Love" commemorated the first major survey of LGBTQ - themed art in Asia, “Spectrosynthesis,” and celebrated Taiwan’s high court ruling to approve same-sex marriage.


With this work, they referenced Chinese historical dramas, ancient Chinese myths, western drag culture and the queer night life scene to create iconic images and use the watermelon as a metaphor for queer(juicy) desire and fluidity.


Building on this project, in 2019, the CND (National Dance Center) in France invited the Watermelon Sisters to hold a one- week workshop with professional dancers. As an extension of their works connected to dance, the project "Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris" incorporated popular forms of digital culture which spread virally. 


The workshop was like an interactive game. The participants were asked to reinterpret our 3D-avatars, and their body movements were captured through Kinect. Then, digital bodies were simulated from their choreography. The final presentation was a Watermelon Sisters Party that straddled the border between the real and virtual worlds.

Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris

Performance Party


2019 ©Zito Tseng


Watermelon Love

Artist: Yu Cheng-Ta, Ming Wong

Choreographer/Assistant Director: Josh Serafin

Music: Konstantin von Sichart 

Music production: Konstantin von Sichart 

Production manager: Elisa Hengen

Camera/post-production: Konstantin von Sichart 

Lighting: Juan Ortiz

Lighting assistant/sound: Jan-Frederik Metje 

Costume production: Erna Ostanek Ceca Barbic, Marieke Van Reusel 

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Pottmeier

Production assistant: Han Tang

Stills Photographer: Sirio Magnabosco

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