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Tell Me

What You Want 

4 channel video, documents and tarpaulin prints

16'53" each


In this project, the artist arranges four mockumentaries: “Malate”, “David”, “Joara”, and “The Shop”, which are intertwined and yet independent from one another. Each film respectively symbolizes the products deriving from various peoples, cultures, viewpoints, gazes, and wanting. Through the mirror of this alien character “David”, who is the intersection point implied in the four films, many of the core issues of this exhibition are exposed. “Tell Me What You Want”, a greeting on the street refers to the transaction structure on the street of Malate. The artist incorporated the negotiation on the local streets into the production of the films. He kept experimenting with the social and economic frameworks beneath this exchange relationship. At the same time, he tried to draw out the definitions of friendly exchange and transaction from the viewpoints of different cultures, disclose the bias rooted among different nations, and uncover the hidden class consciousness behind the tourism entertainment and international transaction.

Tell Me What You Want photo.jpg
Installation view at Hong-Gah Museum, 2017 ©Thousand Bird Art


Casting: Junio, Raymond, JM, Jack, Mac-Mac, IAN, Bella, Christine, J-mama, David, Mocha / Researcher & Correspondent: Francesca Casauay

Cameraman: Timmy Harn, Jippy Pascua / Audio & Grip: John Torres / Set Decorator: Chrysmas Gawaran / Editors: Silver Belen, Gio Gonzalves / Post Production House: MONOXIDE WORKS / Colorist: Mica Oliveros, Aliona Silva / Composer: Dale Martin / Sound Designer: Jedd Dumaguina / Sound Mixer: Dale Martin, Axel Fernandez, Yves Patron / Sound Post Interns: Mica Flores, Rus San Diego, Rai Guatno / Post Supervisor: Abi Dango

Produced for the solo exhibition at Hong-Gah Museum

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