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If the (Island's) Body

Is a (Marginalized)

Rice Dumpling

Par Excellence

double-channel video installation / 16'53" / 2016

Combining the imagination of the body politics with the exploration of S/M culture, Yu created this quasi-novel theatre Slave Auction in the form of two-channel video in collaboration with Corrine, a BDSM performing artist. Written and performed by Corrine, a plot of this theatre revolves around the process in which the body (of a pet) was transformed into a more value artwork (for auction) by her owner's training. The ambiguous same-sex love between the pet and the owner blossomed with the development of the plot by virtue of the pet's self-bondage and the farewell kinbaku, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the kinship, mentorship and friendship between Su-Zhen Bai and Xiaoqing of the Legend of the White Snake mentioned in the article "Bouncy Horney Rice Dumpling." This work not only exhibits the self-awareness emerging out of the tug-of -war between "submission" and "identity," but also embodies Yu's consistent linguistic manipulation at the meta-level. The theatrical performance and interview conducted outside the stage overlap with each other, making our lines of sight wander on the border of the theatrical framework.

berlin pornfilm.png
installation view at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2017 ©Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Actors: Corrine, Hava, Elza, Nancy / Rope Choreographer: Maya Mai, Shin Nawakiri

Assistant Director and Producer: Wang Shao-Kang / Photographer: Chuang Kai-Yu, Huang Yung-En / Focus Puller: Lin Yi-Chi / Gaffer: Chuang Hong-Xiang

Best Boy: Lin Jia-Wen / Boom Operator: Feng Zi-Ming / Hair and Makeup Artist: Edna Hung / Set Decorator: Liu Yu, Wu Sih-Chin / Still Photographer: Wu Cia-Shiuan / Production Assistant: Chang Yun-Han, Shaun Chang / Editor: Kassey C.M. Huang / Assistant Editor: Criscent Guo Jei-Yu / Colorist: Huang Yung-En / Sound Designer: Feng Zi-Ming / Production Supervisor: Ding Jing Image Studio

Commissioned by the exhibition Brocken Specture at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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