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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts 

Curator: Yu Cheng-Ta

Artists: Betty Apple, River Lin, Wu Tzu-An, Huang Din-Yun

We just finished a party here last night. Did you miss it? At exactly 23:47 exploded into the microphone meaningless screams through her lips with thick, pretentiously applied layers of lip gloss; her instantaneous emotional shockwave almost made her pink wig that was intended to cover up her shaved head drop on the floor. Her left hand, without missing a beat, simultaneously turned the effects unit up to the max. The man with tattoos on his arm in charge of onsite control behind her played along with her emotion, and switched the lights in different colors to rapid gleaming…He really did not understand, but he knew this was inevitably a climax. Humm…the sound was too loud, it gave me tinnitus, and the pupils I relied on were being constantly re-exposed; like projections, cognition entered a rheological state. Then, the place was covered in red light, and, all of a sudden, A tenderly said: “We are all girls now.” This command suddenly made me confused with whether we were online, or offline….



Liqueered is an exhibition at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in 2019. Exploring the concept of “Performing the Museum,” we worked together, to experiment in re-imagining the space, timeline, exhibits, educational function, and narrative of the museum through different performative scenarios. We were interested in exploring the possibilities of performance structures that could liberate the museum space by giving it a queer and fluid identity. 

Liqueered, 2019, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts©YuChengTa.jpeg

Fucking-Super-GirlfriEND Crash Party

2019 ©Betty Apple

Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris

Performance Party


2019 ©Zito Tseng

My Body is a Queer History Museum

2019 ©River Lin