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Fisherman's Wonderland

single-channel video / 8'45" / 2013

The emergence of neo-liberalism has resulted in an expansion of capital and unlimited globalization, bringing about the exchange of materialistic ideas and desires. The launch and growth of chain store brands has become an indicator of this assimilation. Macau is one of the first regions in Asia to have connections with the West, and that has resulted in a uniquely complex and well-merged history and cultures. However, this rich historical heritage is being overlooked because of the current dominance of the entertainment industry. In this work, I shot the images of the eye-catching, yet similar, main entrances to the casinos in Macau, presenting in a very direct way the conflict between artificial and cultural/historical traces as well as the influence of this conflict on the development of culture, education and art.



Producer: Freya Chou / Script: Freya Chou, Shining Huang / Cameraman: Cheng Chen / Dubber: Tou Kuok Hong / Actor: Paul Wyss

Commissioned by Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R Government

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