Ours Karaoke

8-channel video installation

3'15'' each

There are both the desires of "performing" and "seeing a performance" hidden deep inside us.  The small webcam and the system turns on the switch, allowing the Body to enter a visualized situation.  Simultaneously, part of the Body is doing its best to perform, while the other part of it is gazing into the recorded self through the camera.  In the project "OURS.KARAOKE," the artist Yu Cheng-Ta has invited his friends to join the performance: he has walked in his friends' places with a laptop, using the webcam to record their crazy Karaoke performances. The YouTube-like collected videos of those unrehearsed clips creates a show of desire which is beyond the songs being recorded.  

Installation view at Crash EMU at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei ©MOCA Taipei

© 2020 by Yu Cheng-Ta. All rights reserved.