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I am Orange:

Tell Me What You Want Behind the Seen 

Lecture Performance and publication 

30 mins



The film project Tell Me What You Want explores the exchanged glances, desires, and friendship between a traveler and an exotic culture. This relationship begins with the journey of a fictional character "David" in Malate (Manila) and his contacts with tourism marketing professionals. It looks at the underlying class consciousness in the development of tourism and international trade. The lecture performance I am Orange is the fifth chapter which tells the story from David's boyfriend's point of view with the real photos and SMS messages between David and Junio(who is the main marketing boy David was dealing with) to reveal the hidden stories and details behind the scene. 

The performance comes with a publication "I am Orange: Tell Me What You Want Behind the Seen." 

Actor Manuel Blanc and Angel Zermen as "David's boyfriend".


I am Orange

Lecture Performance

Centre Pompidou

2018 ©Herve Veronese Centre Pompidou 

Perform by Manuel Blanc

I am Orange

Lecture Performance

Instituto Alumno

2018 ©Vernacular Institute

Perform by Angel Zermen


Lecture Performance

Script: Yu Cheng-Ta

Translation: Alice Pialoux, Caroline Ferreira

Actor: Manuel Blanc, Angel Zermen


Editors: Franchesca Casauay, Yu Cheng-Ta

Texts: Franchesca Casauay, Yu Cheng-Ta

Book Design: Yu Cheng-Ta
Proofreading: Cullen Pitney

Produced and published for the solo screening at Centre Pompidou

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