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Practice of  City Guide: Auckland

Single-channel video installation

New Zealand is a country with a well-developed tourism industry. In this country, comprehensive tourism information on its cities can be found everywhere. However, with such comprehensive information about different places, people are like passive receivers of the information without any awareness of this kind of cultural restrictions already imposed upon them. In this work titled A Practice of City Guide: Auckland, I attempted to juxtapose and reverse different information transmission means, transforming myself into someone like a tourist guide or a tourism program host introducing to the audience the tourism attractions in other countries. However, I purposely spoke in the language of the country I was introducing, creating a linguistic disconnection with the audience. In the work, there are also sequences of the rehearsal process, which is a kind of reconstruction of the connections between the video production and the site, inspiring viewers to think about the interconnections between local cultures and their roles in these cultures. 

A project during the artist in residency in Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand


Script ediotr: Shona Tarai

Photographer: Alex McVinnie Maidment

a practice of city guide_yu2.png
a practice of city guide_yu4.jpg
a practice of city guide_yu5.jpg
a practice of guide_yu3.png
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