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Exploding Taiwan

4-channel video installation
04'40'', 04'50'', 06'28'', 01'30'' 

In the project, I created something like "micro-media" composed of short-interviews with anonymous Taiwanese refugees for their first-hand news about an imaginary blow-up of Taiwan planned by its President with the assistance of an internationally known explosive artist. The explosion of Taiwan would be reported live around the world through SNG coverage and the preparation work would take two years. Therefore, people in Taiwan were fleeing to other countries during the two years and became refugees. In the interviews, people were telling different stories, which demonstrates the problems such as lack of information transparency and frequent hearsays quite common in the mass media as well as an imaginary illusion of Taiwan's destruction.

exploding taiwan_yu4.jpg
exploding taiwan_yu3.jpg

Commissioned by the exhibition LIVE AMMO at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

exploding taiwan_yu1.jpg
exploding taiwan_yu2.jpg
Installation view at My Private Foreign Affairs, 2013 ©Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum
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