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Since 2019

FAMEME is a character the artist created for the Performa Biennial in 2019. The project explores the cultural phenomenon of “influencers” in Western social media alongside celebrity and food trends in a series of live and filmed performances that appropriate the visual and narrative language of reality television. Developed through the character of FAMEME, an Asian billionaire farmer drawn to New York City to promote durian—a thorny, odorous, tropical fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia—the project depicts an outsider’s quest for fame and acceptance in American culture. FAMEME’s ambition draws him to the world of social media influencers and influencer events as he attempts to utilize the latest marketing trend and media obsession for his own capitalist needs.

In 2019, FAMEME opened the "Museum of Durian" in SOHO in New York City, and did a Times Square advertising reveal on the giant billboards in front of the EDITION Hotel at Father Duffy Square.

In 2020 Spring, FAMEME opened the "Durian Exercise Room" at GMoMA (Gyeonggi Museum Of Modern Art) in South Korea. And in 2020 Summer, he opened the "Durian Pharmaceutical" in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and presented his strategy of extracting a nutrient in durians called Misohthornii, and described how his company has applied for a patent and how by 2023 he plans to introduce MST, a custom-made, contemporary elixir of life.


0915_CHENG TA1435 pink-news.jpg

Museum of Durian


2019 © Paula Court


Producer: Bob Kalas / Visual Designer: Peng Guan-Jie  / Museum of Durian Designer: Emma Exley / Museum of Durian Manager: Zoe McNichols / Still Photography: Sliver Chang / Director of Photography: Daniel Rampulla / Adio: Chang Wang / Stylist: Max Ruelas / Makeup Artist: Ayumi Takahashi / Website Designer: Wu I-Yeh / Trailer Video Editor: Mel Hsieh / Music Producer: Missy Mute / Project Assistant: Chang Kang-Hua

FAMEME is organized by Esa Vincenty Nickel (Producing Director, Performa) and Jo Hsiao (TFAM). Co-commissioned with Taipei Fine Arts Museum, with generous support of the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture, Taipei Culture Center in New York, and co-presented with Wallplay.

logo der.gif

Durian Exercise Room

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

2020 ©Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art


Producer: Minji Kang /  Visual Designer: Peng Guan-Jie / Durian Exercise Room Designer: Yu Cheng-Ta / Still Photography: MW Studio TW (Lin Chieh-Wen and Manbo Key) Stylist: Lin Chih-Chiang / Makeup Artist: Edna Huang

Commissioned by the exhibition Durian Exercise Room at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

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