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It's So Reality! 

6-channel video

14'10" each


The project is filmed in a manner similar to a reality TV show. The lead characters are three families who are all watching the same footage, which is segments of actual reality TV shows. The 6-channel video installation creates an image theater of information overload. Each family continues to talk and interact, as if engaging in an alternative critique of the reality TV shows, and viewers are unable to distinguish whether it is a pre-arranged script or real reactions. This contemporary entertainment spectacle of response and ridicule is just like the slogan: "It's So Reality!"

_MG_0958 拷貝.jpg
its so reality.jpg
Installation view at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2017 ©Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Producer: Wade Ding / Screenplay: Junu Wu / Camera Operator: Lin Peng-Yi / Film Editor: Yang Kai-Yen / Music & Sound Editor: Hou Ren-Hau, Hou Ren-Ju

Commissioned by the exhibition Alice's Rabbit Hole: Everyday Life, Comprehensible and Incomprehensible at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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