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She is My Aunt

Single-channel video installation / 07'07'' / 2008

In this work, She is My Aunt, the main protagonist (the aunt) is not my aunt in reality. By adding this non-real aunt in this work, I can develop a kind of connections between the signifier and the signified in my narrative and make myself the medium of the media (the video) in the work. The camera enwraps the whole event like a predictor's tentacles entwining on its prey. The camera captures all people inside the frame and turns them into characters. The combination of these characters, post-produced sound effects often used in variety shows, and the Aunt has morphed this video clip into a new event, deviating from the original reality. This process also displays how presentation on the video media can alienate us from the reality and make viewers more willing to believe the virtuality. The video media becomes the truth maker, and the virtual images are truer than the true reality.

she is my aunt_yu7.jpg
she is my aunt_yu1.jpg
she is my aunt_yu9.jpg
she is my aunt_yu10拷貝.jpg
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