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8-channel video installation / 01'51", 01'56", 03'11", 02'07", 01'47", 01'58", 02'23", 01'29" / 2008

In this project, Ventriloquists: Introduction, eight foreigners on their short visits to Taiwan were asked to repeat after the Chinese self-introductions I made up and I was also hiding behind each of the foreigners and feeding him or her the Chinese introduction word by word. Unfamiliar with Chinese, these foreigners just repeated mechanically what was recited to them without understanding a word of it. For them, languages became a barrier instead of a tool of communication. With frequent strange and incorrect pronunciations of Chinese words by these foreigners, this work demonstrates how interesting and sometimes absurd languages can be.

ventriloquists introduce_yu1 .jpg

Commissioned by 2008 Taipei Biennial at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

ventriloquists introduce_yu2.jpg
ventriloquists introduce_yu3.jpg
Installation view at the 53rd Venice Biennale Taiwan Pavilion, 2009 ©Taipei Fine Arts Museum
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