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Universes in Universe I:

World Map

Single-channel video installation

In this video work, Universes in Universe I: World Map, two girls from Asia were invited to re-imagine and reconstruct a whole new world map. They communicated with each other in English, the only language they shared, to decide where to put each country on their own map. In the process, their individual experiences merged together and developed common experiences between them. How they thought and made judgments (though somehow biased) in this video reflects exactly how we view this world and decide which role to play in it. This work poses an interesting comparison and contrast to the real world.

uiu I_yu6.jpg
uiu I_yu 1.jpg
uiu I_yu2.jpg
Installation view at My Private Foreign Affairs, 2013 ©Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum
uiu I_yu 5.jpg
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